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Mad About Bows was created by a Perth based mum Fran, who noticed a gap in the hair accessory market. It all began when Fran was walking her eldest daughter to school one day. As they strolled to school, her daughter asked if she could have an orange hair bow.

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Naturally, Fran wanted to make her daughter’s wish come true and went searching for an orange hair bow for her daughter. What she wasn’t expecting was how difficult it was trying to find hair accessories in the colour or style that she wanted. From that point onwards, she taught herself how to make hair accessories. One by one, all the mums in her daughter’s class asked if she could make them some too.

A simple request from Fran’s daughter led to Mad About Bows being formed. What started as a hobby evolved into a thriving business. Mad About Bows has grown from strength to strength with plans for expansion. With Fran’s two little girls as her inspiration, leaving a legacy for them is important.

Mad About Bows specialises in hair accessories for school aged kids, sports clubs or special occasions. Our custom hair accessories are hand sewn here in Perth, Western Australia. We have a team of talented sewers who have mastered how to make our quality hair accessories with strong attention to detail. We pride ourselves in manufacturing locally to ensure our quality is of the highest standard.

With a wide range of hair accessories in-stock, we have plenty that suits your preference and budget. If you’re looking for something different and unique, hair accessories can be custom made in various colours, fabrics and sizes. Whatever your heart desires, we would be more than happy to help you out.

scrunchie, satin scrunchie, satin headbands, school bows, sports bows

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